Love and Honor

There are many ways to show love and honor in this world. It may be as simple as holding a door open for a stranger or as extravagant as feeding a multitude of homeless people Christmas dinner and lavishing them with gifts. As our Father in Heaven is limitless in His love and honor for us, so is our ability to love and honor one another.

Here’s the story of Ryan and Amanda Leak. Two people I’ve never met yet I feel connected. We are connected by our mutual love for Jesus and for His people. Their’s is a story of love and honor through the year-long planning and execution of a surprise engagement and wedding on the same day.

Guests were seated on chairs set up on the sand, and a guitarist strummed the couple down the aisle where a party favours uk and nondenominational minister waited to greet them.

The videography and story telling are amazing, the story is captivating and the honor is inspiring. Grab some tissue, watch the video, then go love someone with an intense and unashamed love.


If you wish to donate to the organization Amanda mentions at the end of the video, this is the link:
Stop Human Trafficking

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